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What You Need To Know About Roller Doors

Garage doors come in a wide variety based on different factors such as their operating mechanisms and customization. One of the most flexibel types is the roller door. It is made with no internal tracks and consists of many horizontal slats that are hinged together so that they can roll around each other during the opening. They are usually made from steel or aluminum and the processes of opening and closing them can be motorized. When installed and maintained correctly, roller doors Perth can provide excellent protection from theft, fires, floods and practically everything else.


Roller doors can be classified in different groups depending on their use, material and many other factors. The two major types are single skin roller doors and double-skin/insulated garage doors Perth.

Single-Skin Roller Doors

This is usually made up of a single sheet of metal. It is not advisable to use this in places where you need to worry about heat loss or other temperature changes that come with different weathers.

Double-skin/ Insulated Doors

These are made with durable double layers of steel and aluminum with insulation material between. Not only do they protect the garage from heat loss and other weather elements but they also increase the security as they are harder to break through.


Roller doors are easy to operate. They are fitted in the interior with a mechanism that lets them roll up and coil overhead during the opening, and easily unwind during closing. They don’t usually require much effort, and even a ten-year child can easily operate an average roller door.

They are compact solutions and are quite ideal for tightly packed spaces. This is because they operate on a vertical plane and do not need space cleared to swing in and out. You can drive a car in and park it inches away from the door, and it will close just fine.

Roller doors also come with an option to automate them. If you don’t want to be pulling the door up and down every time you get home or leave the house you can simply use an automation mechanism that will enable the roller shutters door to open and close by itself.

Perhaps one of the most useful and appealing features of this door is the sealing ability that makes it more secure than most other doors. Usually, roller doors come with a rubber adhesive at the bottom that prevent water, snow, dust, pests and practically anything else from getting into the room.

Roller doors come in a variety of colors, finishing, and style for those who are very keen with their home decor. There is even a transparent fiberglass option for those who do not have to worry about high-impact resistance.

Conclusively, roller doors are very versatile and can easily be customized for any garage door size. Whatever your choice, make sure that it is bought from a reputable and trustworthy supplier. They contain many moving parts, and if they are made with inferior quality parts, they may not last very long before failing.

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