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Residential Roller Shutters

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates offer a range of residential roller shutters to suit your home and budget. All of our roller shutters are made to measure and are specifically tailored to suit your exact needs. Not only do they complement the look and style of your home, but they also offer maximum protection for your home and give you that peace of mind that your home will be secure. Our Residential Roller Shutters are made using the highest quality European motor on the market, complete with obstacle detection technology and intruder tamper protection. We proudly boast premium features such as constructing our roller shutters using the highest-grade polyurethane and the thickest gauge marine-grade aluminium.

This makes them one of the strongest options in the residential market.

Their superior tracks are lined with Teflon® brushes and felted springs, so not only are they extremely quiet during operation, but it also prevents vibration and movement ensuring your shutters won’t get scratched when in motion.

Roller shutters provide the homeowner with peace of mind that their homes are more secure and much more environmentally friendly. With the ability to potentially reduce your heating and cooling costs by
up to 90%, and now available with smoke activated technology, what not is there to love!?

A Grade Garage Doors Perth | Shutters & Gates - Residential Roller Doors in Perth

The list of benefits is endless!


All residential roller shutters door offer a premium level of privacy at any time of the day. You have the ability to leave them fully open allowing for uninterrupted views, or to have them, closed to provide 100% privacy. In fact, you can have them anywhere in between and feel at ease knowing their perforation holes between the slats don’t compromise on the ventilation within your home.


Our roller shutters are constructed using the highest-grade polyurethane, enabling them to offer excellent thermal properties.

They protect your home from the harsh heat of Perth’s Summers and keep your home warmer in the cooler months of Winter.

Weather Protection

Protect your home from the full force of wind, hail and rain with Roller Shutters from A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates. Coastal homes where the winds tend to be strongest can be further protected by Roller Shutters, and as they are made from marine-grade aluminum, they will not rust in the salty air. Our roller shutters can also assist in protecting windows from high heats associated with bush fires.

Light & Noise

Roller shutters or Residential Roller Garage Doors are perfect for controlling the amount of light and noise that enters the home. Protect your furnishings from fade and control just how much light enters your home with Roller Shutters. Select from filtered light and ventilation to 100% block out of light. The volume of noise entering the home can also be decreased by 50%!


Roller Shutters also present an immediate visual deterrent against would be criminals. They are readily adjustable, retractable and are able to be locked to ensure your windows are safe and secure. In addition to this, you can operate them manually, electronically or even through an app on your smartphone!!

A Grade Garage Doors Perth | Shutters & Gates - Electric Roller Shutters in Perth

Electric Roller Shutters

Electric roller shutters are not only convenient, but efficient!

They operate automatically at the touch of a button and can be operated via a wall mounted unit or with the ease of a remote control. 
All of our electric roller shutters come fitted with a non-invasive internal motor connecting to the power supply of the home, giving you peace of mind that the shutter will operate every time and with ease. For absolute energy efficiency, you can even connect your shutters to your solar panels. Electric options can even be fitted with Battery Back-up options, meaning even during a power failure you can still operate your shutters.

All of our high-quality motors are equipped to lift an array of sizes, meaning even the largest of roller shutters can be accommodated. 
This convenient and efficient option allows all homeowners to open and close their shutters the way they want at the push of a button.

Operation Choice:

*All Electric remote operation uses radio frequency technology.

Manual Roller Shutters

Manually operated roller shutters are an affordable alternative to the electric roller shutters requiring no motors and no electricity, all while providing the same features for your home and being easy to use. Available in Spring loaded, Strap control and Winder control options, there is a manual shutter to suit your needs.

With interest free options available, you can decide if you wish to do one window or your whole home! 
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A Grade Garage Doors Perth | Shutters & Gates - Manual Roller Doors in Perth
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