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Garage Door Warranty

Garage Door Warranty

Garage Door Warranty: A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates is made up of over 200 moving parts that have the possibility of failing when not serviced regularly. This then results in potentially costly repairs.

We at A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates only use the best products and our team of installers is the most experienced in Perth. This allows us to give all our customers a 10YR WARRANTY which covers every single part including all the electrical components, leaving all our customers with the peace of mind that they are covered.

No Other Company Offers This in Perth

We also provide a 10yr labor warranty, unlike any other company’s throughout Perth who only provide a 12-month warranty.

Beware of hidden warranty terms & conditions that other company’s use!

Many companies in this industry will offer a warranty ranging from 1-12yrs but if you look closely in their terms & conditions you notice it’s only on certain parts and not the important parts that are likely to break, such as Cables, Springs, Electrical Components inside motor unit(i.e. Circuit Boards).

So, when you look into getting a new garage door for your home, look into what you’re actually getting for your money, and know that with A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates, we’ve got you covered!

Contact us today and see why we really are the best in the business.

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