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Steps to Troubleshoot Your Garage Door Opener

Here are a few practical and hands-on solution to help you out with your garage door monitor and remote problems:


The problem with operating a garage door with a remote is that sometimes, the door may not respond when you press the remote. This happens mainly for three reasons; the remote signal is blocked, the batteries need to be replaced, or the remote is spoiled. Here’s what to do in such cases:

  1. Replace the batteries – This is the most basic solution to a non-responsive garage door. Once you check to confirm that the batteries are drained and that no other electrical components have failed, make a point of replacing them. While you are at it, make sure that that the batteries you buy are the correct size and voltage for the remote.
  2. Unblock the sensors – This will be necessary once you are sure that the roller door sensors are blocked. Most doors use infrared sensors top to communicate instructions between the remote and the door’s motor. When the beams are not, or their sensors are dirty, the signals may not be transmitted appropriately. The door may also not respond if objects are obstructing the paths of the beams.
  3. Examine and reprogram the remote control – Sometimes the remote may be working but at a different frequency. As garage doors or window roller shutters use specific radio frequencies to receive signals from the remote, they may not work. In this case, you will need to reprogram the remote. Here’s how:
  4. Scrutinize the garage door opener to identify the button labeled LEARN. It is usually black but may also be colored.
  5. Long press the button until the indicator light starts blinking. Release it then.
  6. Long press the remote button until the indicator light starts flashing again. This means that the signal is now being received clearly and at the right frequency.
  7. Find and long press the LEARN button once more on the opener to save the new setting. You have now successfully reprogrammed the remote.


Garage door wall switches usually don’t respond when there is a disruption with the power source or the signal to the monitor is being obstructed. Here’s what to do in such a situation:

  1. The power source – The power connection to your motor may be disconnected or tampered with. Check the source and plug the monitor back in if it is not connected.
  2. Check the monitor – The monitor could have burned out which means that it is ultimately dysfunctional. If this is the case, you should get it replaced.
  3. Inspect the power system – Unfortunately, many things could go wrong in the electrical line. Something such as the fuse or the circuit breaker could be tripped or even burned out. This process may be quite technical, and you may not be able to handle it if you are not technically knowledgable. You will need to call an expert to have it checked out.

Conclusively, if the garage door is not responding, the problem may be with the remote or the monitor. Try fixing it with any of these steps but if you still can’t do it, feel free to call an expert for help.

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