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How to Remove Garage Door Dents?

A dent is always a sore sight whether on a car or a door. When ignored, it will not only become uglier but may also lead to more damage such as rusting and weakening. If you spot a dent on your garage door you may want to repair it as soon as you can. Ignoring it is like ignoring a broken window or a leaking ceiling. Garage doors need to be maintained and repaired regularly so that they maintain their quality features in terms of strength, security and visual appeal.


Just like any other part of the house, a garage door needs regular inspection to ensure that everything is okay in aspects such as functionality and security. Inspection helps you identify any problems that may develop to more serious complications if ignored. Even though a garage door dent can be seen easily, a regular inspection will help you see the extent of the damage and also help you make plans on how to fix it.


If you are a hands-on person then you will be delighted to know that it is possible for you to fix the dent yourself. You only need the right materials and the time to carefully lift it. Remember, however, that it is almost impossible for the fixed dent to be completely unnoticeable.

There are two main ways to fix a garage door dent:

The First Method

You will need some aluminum foil, a stable source of heat and compressed air.

First, you will need to wash up the dented area and dry it completely before proceeding.

Next, place the aluminum strip on the dent then heat for a minute or so around it. You should feel the foil heat up.

Finally, remove the foil and spray the area with compressed air for half a minute.

The Second Method

This is a little bit longer and detailed than the first method. You will need some paint, a rubber mallet, patching material, primer, a wooden block, 80 and 120-course of fine-grit wallpaper and a putty knife.

Just as in the first method, you will need to wash the area thoroughly and dry it up completely.

You should then place the wooden block on the dent and hit it lightly with the mallet until it starts flattening.

Using the 120-course sandpaper, smooth out the side with the dent then add some patching material. Smooth it out again with the 80-coarse sandpaper.

Finally, apply the primer, let it dry and paint. You may need to paint the whole door.

Conclusively, repairing a dent on your garage door is not very hard as long as you have the right materials. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always ask for an expert’s help. Sometimes the dent is irrerae which means that you have to buy a new panel which may not be very easy to find. The colors of the new and the old panels may not match due to weathering or different color shades. In this case, you will have to repaint the door unless, of course, you don’t mind the contrast.

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