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Buying a new Garage Door for your home doesn’t need to be a confusing or overwhelming experience. Our team of specialists work with you offering helpful guidance, advice and ensure you achieve the best look for you and your homes unique requirements.

With years of industry experience, A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates simple guide will help arm you with the information you need on what to expect in regard to your options available, approximate pricing and product warranties.


Value for money is what you want to look for.

What are you getting for your dollar.

There are several factors that can impact the costs when it comes to a new or replacement garage door installation.

  • Quality of Product

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates prides itself on using high end quality products that are built to last and believe it’s worth looking into what products you’re getting for what you are paying.

Knowing precisely what you are getting and spending a little more now, can save you hundreds on repair bills in the future.

  • Removal of Existing Garage Door

Unfortunately, this is an expense some Garage Door companies pass on to their customers and can vary from $50-$80, depending on the size of the door.

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates absorb this cost and dispose of your existing door, free of charge.

  • Extra Remotes

Additional remotes are sometimes required and are available on request and prices can range from $60 – $100 per unit.

If they’re for existing doors and we don’t carry the parts, we’ll be sure to guide you to a retailer that can assist.

Always be sure to ask if the price is inclusive of a garage door motor and enquire what suitability it has to your specific door needs.

Unless otherwise requested, A Grade Garage Doors always includes the price of a garage door motor. We maintain total transparency on the makes and models we use and ensure the motors are suited to the weight and structure of the garage door.

Some Garage Door companies will quote without the inclusion of a garage door motor so always be sure to ask.


Out of all the points to factor when purchasing a new or replacement garage door, the 3 main factors to consider are:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Motor

Once these three points have been addressed, you can begin to narrow down and fine tune your other options, i.e: the level of quality you are looking for, how you want it to look and what level of security will it offer?

Let’s break it down a little further…


Your garage door represents so much of the front façade of your home and choosing the right style and colour of a garage door that will best suit the aesthetics and characteristics of your home is crucial.

The following are some of the more popular options chosen across Perth

(check out our gallery for more examples)

Roller Door 

Roller doors roll up into a drum above the opening of the garage and are manufactured in Colourbond steel colours and include heavy duty bottom rails with a durable weather seal.

Available with manual with locking system or can be automated for your convenience with auto operator with remote handsets.

Sectional Door 

Colourbond steel panels that separate and lift up that sit parallel to the ceiling of the garage when opened.

Runs on a track and roller system that is precisely tensioned with galvanised springs.

All A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates Sectional Doors come fully automated and are available in an array of design features and in all Colourbond colours.

Timberlook Door

Designed to imitate timber and constructed using Colourbond steel, Timberlook Garage doors are a premium sectional door design that looks like timber without the maintenance of wood.

Custom Design 

Constructed to align with specific looks and design features of your home.

Made from alternative materials, common options include premium colour-coated steel/zinc sheeting, aluminium, stainless steel, copper, mini-orb, cedar, and Perspex.

2. Garage Door Sizes

There are so many variations in what is considered a standard door opening and with the demand for individual needs varying across all homes, this is only going to vary even further as time goes on.

This said, here are a few certain dimensions that Perth Builders generally go by that can assist in estimating the costs based roughly on what size you require.

  • Single: 2.1m high x 2.5m wide
  • Double: 2.1m high x 5.0m wide

Don’t be concerned if your sizing isn’t in line with the above!

A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates have all our doors manufactured to meet your exact sizing specifications that suit your opening.

3. Motors & Remotes

The average household uses its garage door at least twice every day, if not more which is why nearly every homeowner prefers an automated door. Not only does it improve the functionality of your home, but also increases security.

2x portable remotes and a wall mounted controller come standard with all garage door openers, however, always be sure to know what your money is getting you.

Garage Door motors are now also available with battery back-up systems ideal for when the power is out, but keep in mind that additional features such as this will increase the price.

Garage Door Prices in Perth

Installation + 2 remotes + wall button Single Double
Roller Door $1650 – $1950 $2000 – $2700
Sectional Garage Door $1750 – $2150 $2150 – $3000
Timberlook Garage Door $2100 – $2500 $2500 – $3300
Custom Garage Doors $3500 – $5000 $5500 – $8000
Insulated Garage Doors $2700 – $3000 $3300 – $3600

Factors that go into the pricing above can include whether your garage already has side & head room, if it requires jambs or pelmet flashings, or if it requires tapered panels for uneven surfaces.

Environmental factors can also impact prices as well, with some areas falling in fire zone areas which require fire rated seals to be put on, or cyclone doors which require special cyclone rated garage doors to be installed.


 The garage door industry has a lot of different warranties available and many people get caught out with the warranties that different companies offer. For example, most companies will offer a 5yr warranty but looking a little closer in the fine print and you will find buried in the terms and conditions that it doesn’t cover any of the main parts that are likely to fail (such as garage door springs , garage door cables , circuit boards & other electrical components inside the garage door opener).

Why Our Warranty Is Different!

FACT. We have the best warranties available in the industry.

All our new garage door installations come with a 10yr warranty on all parts & all Labour. This includes every single component on your garage door and motor with the only part not covered is the remotes.

The only clause we have with our warranties is one shared by all other companies.

Annual servicing is a must. Although your first one with A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates is absolutely FREE!

All services after your initial free annual service is then completed at the reduced rate of $99.

Talk about value for money!


When you receive your quote, check that its inclusive of all of the above and that the price is final – you don’t want to get a nasty surprise later on.

Know that education is key when making a large purchase such as this and don’t be afraid to ask your sales rep the tough questions… it could save you hundreds (or even thousands in the long run!)

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of what you need to know when purchasing a new or replacement door with confidence

And if you want to compare your quote that one step further, compare it against A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates 10 Point Checklist.

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