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How to Tell When It’s time to Replace Your Garage Door

Known to add measurable value if perfectly designed, garage doors remain one of the most valuable components in the modern-day working environments. These parts provide an appealing look that is key to increasing your property value. 

However, garage doors or automatic gates depend on intricate systems in order to function effectively. With these, come plenty of investments in terms of frequent maintenance or replacement altogether. 

So, when should you replace your garage door? Here are a few important tips to help you know if its time to find a new garage door.

1. Unusual Noises

Not all signs of damaged garage doors are apparent but persistent, unusual garage door noise should be obvious. It could indicate that one or two components of your garage door need repair. 

Naturally, your garage door should almost certainly operate smoothly without any banging, grinding or squeaking sounds. And it helps to make the necessary repair when such issues arise.

2. Compromised Safety

As a committed homeowner, garage doors should mean much more to you than just ordinary mechanical devices. You want your door to operate smoothly and dependably at any given time. That’s for sure. 

However, the modern-day garage doors are heavy and can cause serious injuries when they close or open unexpectedly. You should make an effort to contact a technician if your garage door doesn’t open at all or closes on its own, both of which could be dangerous.

3. General Appearance

An archaic garage door definitely makes your property unappealing at first sight. Your door should not only give a huge first impression but also help increase your property value. 

However, it’s only natural that your garage door style will become old after some time. To this extent, it never hurts to update your garage door and give it a modern look.

4. Reduced Functionality

Regular maintenance and reduced functionality are two prominent signs of an aging garage door. Once your garage door is installed, some wear and tear will likely set in over time. Dents will probably develop over the years to reduce their efficiency. If this gives you sleepless nights then you may need to find a replacement in due time.

5. Technology

Modern technology brings unquestionable benefits to the job market and beyond.  And it’s for a good reason that modern garage doors have cool features that enable them to function smoothly. You may want to change your garage door to incorporate such features to help keep burglars at bay among other benefits.


Its not uncommon for many homeowners to ignore garage doors despite the key role they play in contemporary living. Like any other mechanical devices, your garage door can develop its complications. Here’s hoping that the highlighted signs will help you keep current with your garage door and ensure it operates efficiently.

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