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How To Save While Adding Space

In the last few years, space has become a lot more valuable than it ever was. Unfortunately, this means that anyone who wants to get more of it will have to spend a hefty amount in the current real estate market. You can, however, cleverly save a lot of money while still getting the space you need to by using a few home renovation tricks. Here are some of them:


At the mention of the word design, every homeowner thinks of an architect, and that thought alone sounds expensive. Don’t get me wrong- there are some outstanding architects out here whom you can consider working with if they are willing to discuss and agree on a reasonable price with you. Remember, however, that adding space to your home mostly refers to changing entire plans and laying down new ones. Even if the architect charges a friendly fee, you will still have to pay an actual builder to carry out the renovation. At the end of it all, it will cost you a good arm and a leg too. Some good alternatives to using an architect would be:

  1. Use a company that can both design and build for you. This not only saves you a good amount but also ensures that the whole process flows smoothly.
  2. Use standardized plans that your builder will offer you. They come in a wide variety and can also be altered to suit your requirements. This should be much cheaper than creating entirely new plans.


Construction material may take a large portion of the total budget if not handled well. Try as much as you can to find cost-effective options, especially those that are available widely. Don’t forget the economies of scale. Also, using the available materials in a standardized plan will save you a lot more money than using them in a completely new plan. Do not, however, sacrifice quality over cost. If you have a specific quality of materials that you want to use, then it would be wise to find a way of balancing the budget without compromising the quality.


From a project management context, every project is affected by three significant constraints; time, scope and costs. Time and scope affect the cost of the entire project so that if there is an increase in the scope of the work to be done and the time to take on the project, the total project cost increases. A large portion of it goes to labor. The increase is felt more on hourly projects so that every hour spent by the builder and his team on the renovation means a giant scoop out of your pockets.

The best way to avoid such unwarranted increases is to stick to the plan. Changing the scope of work midway means more working hours and more money to pay out.

Renovating your house to add space can be tricky if you don’t know how to maneuver through the process and save money carefully. The best way to do this is by making solid plans and sticking to them.

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