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How to Choose the Right Garage Door Materials for Your Project

The garage door is an intricate structure. In an Australian residential property, it is typically opened and closed 1500 times in a year. A garage door adds to the appeal of your home. It can be used as a parking spot for your vehicles or as an additional storage space. One can also modify garages into workshops. A robust garage door will also add to the safety and security of your home. With its multitude of uses, garage doors can amp up the value of your property.

Choosing quality garage door material and the right type of door hardware either sectional doors or roller doors can ensure long term viability of your garage door. A professional garage door expert can help with the proper advice on choosing the right materials and best type of garage door for your home. 

Sharn Tamaho, the Founder & Director at one of Perth’s leading Garage Door Companies, A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates shared his ideas on various materials used by his company in the design, fabrication and assembly of garage doors. 

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According to Sharn, most Perth homeowners prefer garage doors  that use a combination of the following material:

Steel Doors:
Steel garage doors are quite commonly used in the Australian sub-continent  and are a great choice with proven performance. Steel doors are low maintenance, inexpensive, and long-lasting. One can choose from a range of colors and patterns that match the window frames. Depending on weather conditions, one can opt for appropriate insulation options. Steel doors with  24-gauge steel and extra insulation are expensive. For less expensive steel doors but with moderate weather-resistance you can opt for 28-gauge steel.

Aluminum Doors:
Garage doors made of aluminum are now in the trend and are a good option. One can opt for lightweight aluminum with coated finish, which goes well with contemporary home designs. The variations offered in aluminum garage doors add to the décor of your property.

Wood Doors and Wood Composite Doors:
For a rustic yet luxurious look, one can consider wooden garage doors with real quality timber. Natural wood can be high maintenance and they suffer from wear and tear. To circumvent these downsides and for good reason, people opt for wooden composite doors. These garage doors have the same aesthetic value as natural wood doors yet one does not have to face the problems of high maintenance. Wooden composite doors do not always come factory painted and can be painted on-site. Wood composite doors are therefore an excellent choice for personalizing the garage.

Vinyl Doors and Fiberglass Doors:
Vinyl doors are a perfect option for seaside facing residences and on the Australian coast. The unique climatic conditions due to the sea breeze require one to consider the durability of garage doors. Vinyl garage doors are exceptionally durable and low maintenance however vinyl door hardware can be more expensive than steel doors.

Garage doors made of fiberglass are rustproof. They do not suffer from dents and are very durable. Double layered fiberglass with a steel frame can make for a very sturdy garage door. Just like vinyl doors, they are also  used along the Australian coastline that has salty ocean climate.

Apart from these, plastic and plain and stained glass panels are also used for making garage doors. While choosing from these materials, it is essential to consider insulation requirements. Properly insulated doors ensure the garage is energy-efficient and cost-efficient.

Most garage doors are now technologically advanced. It is advisable not to take up garage door repairs as a DIY project. One should look for a professional service provider for delivering quality garage door solutions. 

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