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Garage Door Problems

A Troubleshooting Guide For Garage Door Problems

Common garage door problems arise from the door opener. Your garage door opener may suddenly stop working completely, or operating properly. However, don’t panic when you notice there’s a problem with your garage door. The solution could just be a step away. In most cases, garage door issues are quite simple to understand and easy to solve. All you need is a deeper understanding of how your garage door operates.

If you’re having problems with your garage door, the guide below will help you fix the problem.

Remote Control Not Responding

If the remote button isn’t working, power could be the issue. Before doing anything, check the batteries and replace them with new ones. If it’s still not responding, ensure you’re pressing the button within range. However, if the issue is neither solved by the fresh batteries nor a close range, consider reprogramming the remote. You can do this by following the instructions in your opener’s manual.

Wall Switch Not Responding

Waking up to a dead wall switch can ruin your day. While it might seem like the breaking point for your door opener, the solution to the problem may not be far away. It could just be a solvable power issue which you can tackle within seconds. Since the wall switch is wired directly into the opener, you may not need to reprogram it as you’d do with a remote. The problem could be the switch itself or the wiring. Usually, a switch has two wires. To test if the wires are working, detach them and carefully touch them again. If the opener responds, the switch may be the problem. However, if nothing happens, you may need to replace the wires.

A Garage Door That Reverses Before Closing

If your garage door is reversing before closing, there could be something obstructing the sensors. Check the sensors on either side of the garage door frame to ensure they’re well-positioned and correctly aimed towards each other. If you notice they’re not properly aligned, consider adjusting their position and test if the opener works.

A Garage Door Won’t Close Completely

If your garage door is neither closing all the way nor reversing back to its open position, the limit switch could be the problem. The limit switch determines how far the door should lower to close completely. The good thing about it is that it’s adjustable. Therefore, to solve the problem, you’ll have to adjust the limit switch. You do this by turning a screw that’s usually on the motor unit. This will increase or decrease how far the door descends.

Door Falls When Closing

If your door falls when closing, it means your torsion spring is broken or worn out. To solve the problem, you’ll have to replace the torsion spring. Make sure you fix the problem immediately as it’s very dangerous. You can replace the torsion spring on your own, but if you aren’t sure about any part of the process, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

If you’re having issues with your garage door, try the troubleshooting tips above before seeking help from a professional.

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