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7 Simple Tips to Maintain Your Garage Door

In some Perth households, the garage is considered less important and a durable garage door may go unnoticed since they don’t cause squeaks like the proverbial gate! 

A wise Western Australian homeowner would surely disagree since he knows that it is the garage door that plays a major role in the security of his lovely Perth home and his costly vehicles. A sturdy garage door reduces your security risk and not only protects your vehicle but also prevents any unlawful entry into the house. So, do pay special attention to garage doors as it is an investment that pays over many times.

Garage doors are of different types- single or double doors or customized doors.  Their material might be wood. steel, fiber, etc. They may have swing-up, roll-up, swing-out or sliding mechanisms. Whatever type of door you choose, the functionality of the door parts are going to be the same. 

We asked Sharn Tamaho, Director at A Grade Garage Doors Shutters & Gates in Perth, to put together a list of garage door parts and maintenance tips that would make it easy for Perth homeowners to understand and maintain them.

So, here goes:

A Grade Garage Doors Perth | Shutters & Gates - Garage Door Maintenance in Perth, WA

7 Critical Garage Door Parts

1. Garage door opener

This electronic device consists of a motor, a logic board, a radio receiver, a chain or belt, etc. On receiving a signal from the remote, the opener opens the garage door. An opener can fail due to loose chain or wires and a faulty motor or receiver.

2. Garage door springs

Springs lift the garage door up and down. These metal coils may be of torsion or extension type. Torsion springs sit on your garage door while extension springs run along the track. These springs may break or wear out with age. Mending faulty springs by yourself can be dangerous. Always call an expert garage door repair team to service your springs.

3. Garage door cables

Lifting cables transfer the force from the springs to lift the door. These cables or chains run on either side of the door from top to bottom working through a cable/chain drive system. Due to wear-and-tear, these cables may get cut. Call a garage door expert immediately as this might prove dangerous.

4. Garage door tracks

Steel tracks help the door to move in the right direction. It contains rollers that allow the door of the garage to move up or down.

5. Garage door rollers

Rollers are present on the tracks of your garage door. They help the door to move up or down in a smooth manner. Due to frequent use, the rollers might get stuck or become worn, chipped or cracked. If this happens, your garage door might make a loud squeaky noise and might need service or repair.

6. Garage door pulleys

Pulleys along with the extension springs help to balance the weight of the garage door. They are placed on all four corners of the door. If they become damaged, the doors of the garage might crash down without warning.

7. Garage door hinges

Always check the hinges of the garage door. They become damaged due to excess pressure or wear and tear. If they are loose, the door might crash.

7 Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Now that we have understood some of the vital moving parts, Sharn Tamaho has some tips to maintain your garage door. According to Sharn, maintaining the doors of your garage is easy if you follow his simple tips.

  • Keep your garage door clean and free of dust and dirt.
  • Oil the garage door parts once in 3 months.
  • Inspect the garage door parts once a month. Check the rollers, hinges, cables, and pulleys for any damage.
  • If any of the garage door parts are damaged, do not mend them on your own. Call a garage door repair team at once.
  • Keep the garage door remote out of reach of children.
  • Do not open and close the garage door unnecessarily as it might wear out the door.
  • Keep the garage door parts dry during damp and cold months.

Follow these tips from Sharn to keep your Perth garage door in great working order. If you sense a problem, call a garage door repair service company in Perth like A Grade Garage Doors at once. 

Sharn and our expert garage door technicians are dedicated to being the best garage door repair experts in Perth. Give Sharn a call at 08 9495 2676 to have your garage door fixed pronto or for their regular maintenance.

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