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7 Benefits Of Roller Shutter Doors

In today’s modern world, there are modern (and practical!) ways to increase security, style, value, efficiency and comfort all in one hit.

And no, it’s not prison like security bars, it’s Roller Shutters and they come custom built to suit your home.

The list of benefits for your home is endless.

  • Security and Peace of Mind
  • Energy Efficient
  • Light Control
  • Noise Control/Acoustic Insulation
  • Fire Protection
  • Weather Protection
  • Added Style and Value

Let’s break it down a little more for you:

Security and Peace of Mind

Its simple, roller shutters are more than a visual deterrent for a would-be criminal trying to break into your home, they’re an actual barrier between them and your valuables and they have been proven to reduce the risk of home invasions.

Roller Shutters from A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates come complete with obstacle detection technology and sturdy locking systems. Our shutters are also made using the thickest gauge marine grade aluminium, making them one of the strongest options on the residential market.

Energy Efficient – Protect Your Home From The Elements!

Most of all heat transfer in and out of the home occurs through the windows of your home.

All A Grade Roller Shutters are insulated with high density Polyurethane which is the same material used to insulate fridges and freezers. This added insulation to your home will prevent the loss of heat in Winter and the cool in Summer and can severely reduce your heating and cooling running costs by up to 90%.

Light Control

Roller Shutters are perfect for controlling the amount of light that enters your home. The versatility of a Roller Shutter allows their homeowner to easily adjust the shutter to any preferred height and are great for shift workers. This also enables the homeowner to minimise the amount of sun damage to furnishings and fixtures and can help reduce glare

Noise Control/Acoustic Insulation

Roller shutters are also perfect for providing sound insulation. Their insulated features enable them to also dampen noise to tolerable and even almost inaudible levels. They can be the perfect solution if your house is near a busy road, school or other noisy location.

Fire Protection

Even where the danger of fire is moderate in your area, installing roller shutters can be one of the best things you can do to protect your home. While you and your family may have to quickly vacate your property, your roller shutters could make the difference between saving or losing the valuable possessions you leave behind. Smoke Activated Alarms can even be installed to ensure your family is safe and can get out in the event the fire is inside the home.

Weather Protection

Roller Shutters can also protect your home from the harsh Winter Rains, damaging hail stones, and the harsh heat from the Summer sun.

We all love living in Australia, although sometimes its better to keep our lifestyles protected from the weather our great country has to offer

Added Style and Value

If the only thing that’s been holding you back from installing roller shutters is their lack of style, have a look at our gallery and breathe easy.

Far from being an eyesore, A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates Roller Shutters are aesthetically pleasing and add style and value to your home. To ensure years of trouble-free use for years to come, ensure you get the team at A Grade to professionally install them.

So, if it’s only a few, or if it’s all the above points that make Roller Shutters appealing for your home, allow the team at A Grade Garage Doors Shutters and Gates to offer you a FREE measure and quote. We would love to show you why and how our quality products and craftsmanship, our attention to detail and our commitment to customer satisfaction has made our reputation what it is today.

Contact us today and see why we really are the best in the business.

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